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Our team working on a large commercial loss.

Commercial Loss

Our team working on a large commercial loss.

Servpro Vans

Here to Help!

SERVPRO of Walnut is available 24/7. Disaster can strike anytime, and we are ready to take your call day or night!

Technician wearing full PPE"s while grinding studs

Safety is a priority

Safety of our technicians and our customers is a priority you'll see our techs are still wearing full PPE's (personal protection equipment) for our customers safety.

SERVPRO technician disinfecting all the equipment after being done with a water loss job in Texas

Texas freeze STORM 2021

One of our technicians in Dallas, Texas area assisting with the Freeze STORM event in 2021

burst pipe causes damage to living room wooden floor

Water Damage

If a recent pipe has burst, our highly trained technicians are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond immediately for any water damage caused to your property (626) 964-7700

Water Damage

Water damage? No problem we are here to help!

During these unprecedented times, you'll notice our technicians are wearing full PPE's for your protections and ours. 

Moisture after the toilet leaked

Did your toilet bowl leak? We can help

After a leak, call the experts. We can help determine, where the leak came from. Assist you in preventing more damage being caused by the water damage. We offer free inspections, and can determine a plan to help move forward.

Covid19 Cleaning at a Construction Site in DTLA

Covid19 Cleaning in a High Rise Construction Site near DTLA

SERVPRO of Walnut, Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights was called to assist in disinfecting/sanitizing a positive covid19 case at a construction site near Downtown Los Angeles. Our techs wiped down all high touch areas, and then used SERVPROXIDE to fog down all visible areas that might have been in contact. NO job is too small or big for us! 

Covid Cleaning in Your Home

Covid Cleaning in Your Home

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed positive with Covid19? 

SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights can help you by offering our highest cleaning and sanitation services. We are following closely and going by what the CDC guidelines are to clean/disinfect/sanitize areas that might be contaminated or exposed to Covid19. Ask us about SERVPROXIDE which is a hospital grade disinfectant and EPA approved.

We are also offering "proactive cleaning" for peace of mind.

Water damage

Water Damage?

After the water removal step, your floors and walls may look dry at first glance, but they are still wet to the touch. Most building materials, like drywall and wood, are porous and will retain significant water. The retained water will cause these materials to warp, swell, or break down and can also cause mold damage.

Got Mold?

Got Mold?

Any home or business can quickly become infested with mold with the introduction of a water source, like a roof or plumbing leak. Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours, and can produce allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause other health effects.
If you suspect that your home or business has a mold problem, SERVPRO of Walnut, Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights can inspect and assess your property. If mold is found, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation.

Stolen car into home in Rowland Heights

Stolen car into home in Rowland Heights

Top picture shows the aftermath of a stolen car into a home, glad to say no one in the home was injured. We were called to board up the damaged wall, and started the construction of rebuilding the framing of the wall that was damaged. After pictures will come soon!

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

When our logo is on your door, YOUR COMMITMENT TO CLEAN IS CLEAR.

Water Damaged in an Office Space

Water damage in an Office

This photo captures the drying process, when water damage happens in the workplace. This water damage was caused by an AC unit leaking into the office space. As you can see our techs set up air scrubbers, air scrubbers reduce airborne toxins in your home naturally. Whenever you turn on your air conditioner, furnace, or fan, the air scrubbers go to work, cleaning the air and surfaces with air scrubbing technology. 

Full PPE for Covid19 cleaning

Full PPE for Covid19 Cleanup

We use the highest standards in cleaning Covid19, our tech have gone thru extensive training for their safety and yours. 

School Proactive Cleaning

Proactive Cleaning for Schools and Dorms

Proactive Cleaning is available for schools and dorms. Call us to schedule your appointment 909-598-8400

Clogged Sewage Pipe Damage in Hacienda Heights, CA

This photo captures the extensive dirt left over in a bathtub caused by a a clogged sewage pipe. A plumber opened up the walls to fix the leak. SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights then came in and used their proper equipment to control the water and draw all of it out from the home as well as clean up the dirty mess. The home owners were so surprised that SERVPRO was very communicative.

Large Mold Damage in Hacienda Heights, CAA

This photo captures the extensive mold damage caused by a broken pipe water line under the flooring that allowed mold to grow under their carpet. SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights came in and used their proper special equipment to control the mold and draw all of it out from the home. The home owners were extremely grateful that SERVPRO was able to complete the job professionally and quickly.

Toilet Back-Up in Hacienda Heights, CA

This picture was the result of a toilet back up in Hacienda Heights, CA. SERVPRO proceeded to extract the water using our equipment and monitor it until the goal was met. SERVPRO clean up all the damage and water and removed the padding to make the job successful. The home owner was very thankful for SERVPRO communication!

Burst Pipe Line in Hacienda Heights, CA

This water heater in Hacienda Heights, CA had a broken pipe line and caused significant water damage. SERVPRO arrived at the scene, repaired the wall behind it, and extracted the water from the surrounding affected areas. SERVPRO also used containment to ensure the drying would finish and no water would spread. The customer was overjoyed that they were able to use their hot water again within a few days with SERVPROs amazing and efficient help!

Shattered Glass Door in Hacienda Heights, CA

A family in Hacienda Heights, CA came home to a burst glass door after a burglary took place. SERVPRO responded quick to clean up all the glass from the floor and board up the door. The customer was extremely impressed with SERVPROs readiness to attend after hours.

Broken Water Line in Hacienda Heights, CA

This HVAC closet in Hacienda Heights, CA experienced a broken water line. It affected 8 areas on the property. SERVPRO proceeded to remove the affected carpet and drywall. Equipment was place to help repair the scene. The home owners were so thankful for SERVPRO's quick response!

Flooded Crawlspace in Norco, CA

This flooded Crawlspace in Norco, CA was the result of a rain storm. There was around 8 inches of water found when our SERVPRO technicians first arrived onsite, this water had to be continuously pumped until all the water was gone. 

Storm Damage in Rowland Heights, CA

This was the aftermath of a rain storm in Rowland Heights, CA. The extent of the water was so fallacious that the ceiling in this homes bedroom collapsed and a ceiling containment had to be placed to keep anymore debris from falling. 

Extensive Mold Damage in Hemet, CA

In this residential home a considerable amount of mold was found in the drywall removal process. SERVPRO of Walnut had to begin mold remediation in order to eliminate any further mold contamination from spreading. 

Mold in Walnut, CA

This mold growth was the cause of a pinhole leak that was not fixed. When a leak is ongoing dependent on the humidity mold can began to form in areas of moisture. 

Fire Board Up in La Habra, CA

An accidental fire in this residential homes garage wrecked havoc on the belongings in the garage. SERVPRO of Walnut arrived onsite to board up the garage door along with assisting with the fire damage.

Office Water Loss in La Puente, CA

In this commercial office water loss multiple offices were affected leaving moisture in the offices walls and flooring. Our SERVPRO team as you can see in the picture above, placed equipment to assist with drying the areas. 

Commercial Water Loss in Riverside, CA

We arrived onsite to this commercial warehouse water loss to fine that a pipe had burst in the employee lunch room. The affected drywall had to be removed to ensure dry out. 

Water Heater leak in La Puente, CA

The discoloration and mold growth on the interior of the water heater closet was the result of a water heater leak. The delayed leak repair caused the wall to continuously become saturated, which led to mold growth. 

Mold Damage in Walnut, CA

This was the aftermath of a water heater leaking. The leak was continuous and mold began to grow on the exterior wall of the water heater stand, SERVPRO was able to help the customer with the affected stand. 

Water Damage in Rowland Heights, CA

Our SERVPRO team arrived immediately at the home, there was some staining and collapsing drywall in the dining room, Some drywall and flooring had to be removed due to the damage. 

Tree Removal in Downey, CA

A car hit this tree causing it to fall over in the front lawn, No damage was done to the structure of the home but the tree needed to be removed.

Soot Wipe Down in Diamond Bar, CA

Soot was left over from a home fire. The SERVPRO technician in this photo is cleaning the soot off with a smoke sponge on an extender to reach all corners and areas of the walls. 

Absorbent is placed in Sun City, CA

SERVPRO of Walnut was onsite at this sewage water damage loss. Absorbent was placed in the crawl space to absorb the sewage water and to help contain the smell of sewage.

Flooding in La Puente, CA

During a rain storm this residential homes backyard was flooded. Our SERVPRO of Walnut technicians had to extract some of the water from the back yard along with the affected living room, the sand bags were placed to stop the water from coming into the home. 

Soot Cleanup in Altadena, CA

Our SERVPRO of Walnut technicians are cleaning soot from the walls and ceilings due to a fire caused by a hard wire ark behind a double oven, the technicians use smoke sponges specifically for soot cleaning. 

Sprinkler System Leak in Los Angeles, CA

This was the aftermath of a sprinkler system going off accidentally, affecting multiple rooms in this commercial building loss. When our SERVPRO technicians were onsite water had to be immediately extracted before further damage was done.

Industrial Freezer Leak in Diamond Bar, CA

Our SERVPRO technicians arrived on site to extract water on top of a big industrial freezer there were multiple pebbles spread out. The technicians used a scissor lift to get up there and 2-14 gallon vacuums to extract all water. 

Tree Damage in Hacienda Heights, CA

During a Storm, wind blew a tree from the neighbors' house into our customers, leaving debris and half the tree in her back yard. Our SERVPRO technicians along with a tree removal company were onsite immediately to handle the damage.

Leak in Crawl space Orange, CA

This hot water line leak under crawlspace, resulted in mold forming. Mold remediation was done underneath the crawl space. This included the removal of materials and a protective suit for safety. 

Fire Damage in Glendale, CA

These items were the aftermath of a fire in a Glendale home. The fire left soot and smoke along with the fire trucks liquid residue. Our SERVPRO team will clean the soot off these items. 

Carpet Cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This carpet cleaning is the outcome of a leak that came from a ceiling drain line on the rooftop affecting the whole commercial building with water damage, after the carpets looked brand new!

Crawl Space Protective Suit Calimesa, CA

This SERVPRO of Walnut technician is wearing a protective suite, so that he is able to go in the crawl space and extract the sewage water and not be contaminated with feces. 

Roof Tarp in La Habra, CA

This roof damage is a result of a rain storm it caused a leak in the roof. Our SERVPRO team was quickly onsite tarping the roof until it was repaired.

Mold Containment in Walnut, CA

This was the result of a pipe leak in the garage ceiling affecting the ceiling and walls with not only water damage but mold damage as well. A containment was placed to stop further contamination. 

SERVPRO of Walnut assisting an apartment Fire in Seattle, WA

A fire occurred and spread through this apartment building complex, SERVPRO was onsite assisting with board ups on each of the apartments and cleaned the soot and smoke smell in the apartments.

Standing Water in City of Industry, CA

This is the aftermath after a car hit a fire hydrant in front of this commercial business causing water damage to the entire offices leaving saturated carpets and standing water in the warehouse. 

Mold Mitigation Protective Suit

Our technician is wearing a Protective Mold Remediation suit that is not only for mold work but also for crawling into crawl spaces and for severe sewage water damage losses.


You can see our big GREEN trucks just about anywhere!


Don't let Mold take over your home, call SERVPRO (909) 598-8400!

2-HR Restorative Drying for Water Damage C.E Class

Production Manager, Jacob Menchaca educates our local insurance agents about the process of Water Damage Mitigation and how it is completed, along with what steps are needed to be taken in order for the process to run smoothly.

Wet Carpet from Water Damage

Job site photo of carpet affected from water damage.

Toy Drive (December 2012)

SEVPRO of Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights donated $5,000 worth of toys to the community of Rowland Heights for Christmas.

Toy Drive (December 2012)

SEVPRO of Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights donated $5,000 worth of toys to the community of Rowland Heights for Christmas.

SERVPRO in N.Y. helping with Hurricane Sandy

November, 2012 - SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights traveled to New York to assist with those who had their homes destroyed/damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

SERVPRO in N.Y. helping with Hurricane Sandy

November, 2012 - SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights traveled to New York to assist with those who had their homes destroyed/damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Walnut Heritage Family Festival. October 2013

Production Manager, Jacob Menchaca at the Walnut Heritage Family Festival on October 12,2013.

CAA (California Apartment Assoc.) Mold Prevention Presentation

SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights educated members of the CAA (California Apartment Assoc.) about Mold Prevention & Remediation (October, 2013)


This may be the cleanup you have to deal with after a fire. Call SERVPRO (909) 598-8400!

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO of Walnut/Hacienda Heights and Rowland Heights was called out in the middle of the night to extract water from a local Food Distributor to help prevent the business from stopping production.

Residential Water Damage in Rowland Heights, CA

In March SERVPRO of Walnut/ Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights dried out a 4,000 SF home in Rowland Heights that was a result of a supply line leak, the team arrived quickly to asses the water damage.

Before and After

Before and after photo of apartment flooding in Rowland Heights (2013).

2014 Walnut Family Festival

It was a beautiful day at the Annual Walnut Family Festival on Saturday, October 11, 2014.

Fire in Rosemead

Severe fire damage SERVPRO responded to in Rosemead, CA that was caused from a simple space heater that was unattended for a short period of time. The fire spread rapidly and multiple rooms were burned.

BBQ Fire in Redlands, CA

SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights responded to an apartment fire in Redlands, CA. A BBQ propane tank exploded and caused the exterior of the apartment to catch fire and also caused severe smoke damage to the interior of the apartment.

SERVPRO Vehicles

SERVPRO of Walnut/ Hacienda Heights & Rowland Heights professionals are always ready when disaster strikes! our vehicles are prepared for any Water, Fire or Mold damage emergency that may come.